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Land & Stakeholder Manager
Title:Land & Stakeholder Manager
Subsidiary:Liberty Power (formerly Algonquin Power)
Department:Community, Permitting & Land
Location:Oakville, ON
Zip/Postal Code:L6J2X1

Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp is a North American diversified generation, transmission and distribution utility with $10+ billion of total assets. (APUC) delivers continuing growth through an expanding pipeline of renewable energy development projects, organic growth within its regulated distribution and transmission businesses, and the pursuit of accretive acquisitions.

The distribution business group (Liberty Utilities) provides rate regulated water, electricity and natural gas utility services to over 750,000+ customers in the United States. The transmission business group invests in rate regulated electric transmission and natural gas pipeline systems in the United States and Canada.

The generation business group (Liberty Power, formerly known as Algonquin Power) owns a portfolio of regulated and long term contracted North American based wind, solar, hydroelectric and thermal powered generating facilities representing more than 1.5+ GW of installed capacity.

Our vision is to be the utility company most admired by customers, communities and investors for our people, passion and performance.

The objective of the role of “Land and Stakeholder Manager” is to provide overall management of APCo.’s major renewable projects in order to successfully (i) gain land tenure on all needed land and (ii) build strong relationships with various stakeholders.  The role will be most active during project origination, through development and planning (PSG 1-3).  During construction execution (PSG 4/5), the Land and Stakeholder Manager will remain involved as the primary agent for Algonquin on these matters.

The Land & Stakeholder Manager is accountable for the prioritization and deployment of tasks and resources against approved projects with a clear view to land and stakeholder success.  The Land & Stakeholder Manager will receive overall guidance from the Director – Planning & Permitting - Business Development, but is expected to initiate, lead, evaluate and complete all significant management steps.

Job Functions:

  • Meet with potential landowners to secure leases and lease options for future projects,
  • Retain land agents to act in the same capacity when work-load demands or logistics require 3rd party services,
  • Meet and/or communicate with existing landowners to maintain/build relationships with Algonquin,
  • Using Administrative Assistant or other staff/team members and software, maintain the data-base of existing landowners, leases, option agreements, lease payments, etc.
  • Meet and act as primary agent on behalf of Algonquin for a variety of project stakeholders, promoting the projects benefits to all stakeholders as involved; municipal governments (elected and staff positions), sub-committee’s of municipal government, economic development councils, land cooperatives, local businesses, provincial government agencies, NGO’s who have a stake in the potential project, etc. “Promoting the project benefits” shall include planning and hosting meetings, negotiating land-use and road-use agreement(s), working out benefits/payment structures/returns/security/etc., solving conflicted situations, making presentations, fielding difficult and probing Q&A situations, seating at community working groups, etc.
  • Prepare and present communication and engagement materials including presentations, agendas, key messages, frequently asked questions, fact sheets, display panels, work books, etc., in order to successfully win the stakeholder to a supporting position regarding the benefits of the project’s development within their community. 
  • Facilitate and negotiate partnerships with local businesses, developers, senior levels of government, business associations and related agencies, all with a shape and view to wind the stakeholder to a supporting position regarding the benefits of the project’s development within their community. 
  • Plan, execute and lead public and community-based meetings, workshops, charity events, etc. 
  • Represent company at community organization meetings and public events. 
  • Assist BD with inter divisional coordination with many company departments including Operations, Legal, investor relations and Asset Management as it relates to project land management, both in the planning (PSG2) and turnover (PSG5) project stages. 
  • Working with GR/PR and internal Communications groups within APUC, support BD with press releases, media relations and potential public media events. 
  • Lead project tours for stakeholders. 
  • Manage the preparation and implementation of BD project real estate transactions and leases.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Ability to travel and meet with various landowners and project stakeholders,
  • Broad knowledge of the various legal and commercial aspects of land tenure, specifically related to the renewable power generation industry required, (leases, rental agreements, royalty payments, easements, land registry, deeds and title, etc.),
  • Broad knowledge of provincial/state/municipal government structures and function working systems.
  • Reviewing, reading, editing, writing land agreements, leases, easements, etc., report writing, team-work and collaboration, 
  • University Degree or 3-year Community College diploma in business, real estate, etc.
  • Valid driver’s license and passport with ability to travel internationally as requested.


We are an equal opportunity employer and value each person’s unique background, diversity, experiences, perspectives and talents. Full participation of all employees in a safe, healthy and respectful environment is key to individual and company success. We are committed to fully utilizing the abilities of all of our employees and expect each of our employees to honour this commitment in their daily responsibilities.

As part of our commitment, we work to ensure our application process is accessible to all candidates. If you require special assistance or accommodation during the hiring process, please notify the Talent Acquisition consultant.

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