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Journeyman Lineman - Electrical Overhead
Title:Journeyman Lineman - Electrical Overhead
Subsidiary:Liberty Utilities
Department:Operations & Maintenance
Location:Tahoe Vista, CA
Country:United States
Zip/Postal Code:N/A

An employee who is a Journeyman and who performs all classes of transmission and distribution line work when assigned to a crew under the direction of a Working Foreman or Supervisor of higher grade. His background of apprenticeship and experience must be such as to qualify him to perform these duties with skill and efficiency. A Lineman may be assigned to work with and under the general direction of a Troubleman and when so assigned the type of work he performs and the method of supervision shall be governed by the rules with respect to the Troubleman classification. Other general duties as may be assigned in the line of progression. A Lineman may be assigned temporarily to work apart from a crew either alone or as a member of a two-man unit without supervision, doing work, which shall include:

1. Framing poles

2. Pre-assembling material

3. Patrolling and inspecting pole and tower lines

4. Testing and inspecting poles

5. Repairing risers and ground molding

6. Pulling slack in anchor guys

7. Replacing guy guards


A lineman may be assigned temporarily to work apart from a crew as a member of a two-man unit, without supervision, when the second man in such unit is a one (1)year apprentice Lineman or higher, doing work which shall include:

1. Taking primary distribution voltage readings

2. Installing Cooperative-owned customer outdoor lighting service and street light fixtures including making connections on circuits with voltage below 750 volts

3. Installing all types of customer services including risers and terminal connections when the service is to be underground, complete with setting self-contained meters; and


Is required to drive the line truck and operate the fixed and attached equipment. May be required to keep time cards and material records. Must have a valid driver's license as required by applicable states' laws before assignment to job.

This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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