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Operator II (Tyler- 11/2017)
Title:Operator II (Tyler- 11/2017)
Subsidiary:Liberty Utilities
Department:Operations & Maintenance
Location:Tyler, TX
Country:United States
Zip/Postal Code:N/A


The Operator II performs routine functions associated with the daily operations of water production; water distribution system; wastewater treatment facility; and/or, wastewater collection system including lift stations, based on individual assignment. The Operator II (Operator), working closely with the Field Supervisor, will insure that the implementation of process control strategies, process monitoring, lab work, water quality assurance, efficient equipment operations, troubleshooting, and maintenance procedures, are performed in a diligent manner at all times. Depending on assignment, duties may include, but will not be limited to, - daily checks of wells, pumps, booster pump stations, storage tanks, reservoirs, distribution systems, treatment facilities, lift stations, and collection systems. The Operator will conduct, administer company work related efforts and activities within the rules, regulations and responsibilities of the most current Company Safety Policy, OHSA regulations, Federal, State, and County operating permits and regulations associated with the applicable facilities. The Operator may be required to respond to main line breaks, force main breaks, service breaks, fire hydrant problems, meter problems, equipment malfunctions, lift station issues, other distribution, collection, or wastewater treatment facility emergencies as deemed necessary by his/her Supervisor. The Operator may also be asked to assist with customer service calls and locates. This position also provides technical and/or physical assistance to other operators, contractors and developers and any other duties as may be assigned by his/her Supervisor. The Operator will be responsible for accurate record keeping in all matters pertaining to the daily operations of the water and/or wastewater regulatory and process requirements. Additionally, the Operator will be required to be involved in an assigned on call/after hour program.

Essential Functions

  • Daily inspection of all facility sites, noting motor run times, pump rates, flow rates, process control, and operations, general condition of sites and appurtenances. Maintain adequate records and regulatory submittals. Make process and or physical operational changes at individual sites. Collect daily, weekly monthly, quarterly and annual regulatory samples and daily process control samples, complete plant operations calculations at wastewater treatment plants, recommend/implement process control changes, under direction of Field Supervisor.
  • Inspection of possible leaks. Repairs, when possible, to service lines, water mains, wastewater mains, hydrants, and lift stations. Arrangement for repairs by contractors. Assistance to contractors in completion of repairs.
  • Assist customers with troubles related to water supply, volume, pressure, line loates, water quality, or wastewater reliability in the collection system. Arrange for, or complete sampling if deemed necessary, to assure customer satisfaction and confidence.
  • Perform routine maintenance and/or repairs at sites including filter changes, adjustments and repairs to chlorine generators, pumps and motors. Maintenance of motors and pumps including the proper lubrication of equipment, and all regularly scheduled maintenance.
  • General maintenance to all facilities, including, but not limited to mowing, removal of debris, and weeds.
  • Maintain current certifications and/or licenses
  • Perform all other duties as assigned.


  • Work requires a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Knowledge of computer systems, excel, word and SCADA programs is preferred
  • A minimum of three years’ experience in plumbing, well operation, water distribution, wastewater plant operation, collection system and lift station operations.
  • Valid state Driver’s License.
  • Maintain a Class C Water and/orWastewater Operator Certification.



This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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