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Supply Management Specialist-Real Time
Title:Supply Management Specialist-Real Time
Subsidiary:Empire District (A Liberty Utilities Company)
Department:Energy Procurement & Supply
Location:Joplin, MO
Country:United States
Zip/Postal Code:64801

This position requires a strong desire to learn as you will be expected to learn how integrated markets work, learn about Empire’s generation fleet, and learn how the trading world works. Under the guidance of management and senior traders, develop real-time strategies for operating in the SPP Integrated Market Place. This involves submitting cost and operating data to SPP for Empire’s generation fleet, monitoring Real-Time P&L to ensure we are running our fleet in an economic manner, and ensuring that resources are turned on/off to follow SPP’s commitment instructions. The goal of this position is to optimize our resource fleet to meet our load requirements in a least cost approach. While wholesale energy market experience is desired, the vast majority of our applicants/current employees did not come from this background. As part of this position, the right candidate would be put through a 2 month comprehensive training program. 

  • This position involves assisting the Day-Ahead desk. Under the guidance of the Day-Ahead trader, position will be responsible for submitting demand bids, generation offer curves, plant capacity, plant status, ancillary curves, etc. to SPP. On the weekends, the RT Trader will be responsible for Day-Ahead submissions.
  • On the real-time desk, this position requires updating any generation data that has changed since the day-ahead trader has submitted the data to SPP. This involves changing plant capacity, plant status, making strategy based adjustments, etc. It also includes ensuring that generation resources are turned on-off at the appropriate times.
  • Will be responsible for validating our day-ahead and real-time bid/offer submissions to ensure that they match the data that we submitted from our generation software. Will need the ability to communicate with IT to resolve any submission issues.
  • Analyze and validate market results for SPP day-ahead and real-time markets to ensure that we are operating in the most efficient manner possible to minimize our costs. This includes analyzing the data to see if plants are able to operate consistently within the confines of the results and making changes when necessary.
  • Ability to learn quickly and make fast decisions while under pressure. Must develop a solid understanding of Empire’s LOAD, Generation, and Transmission constraints. The right candidate will progress further and gain a solid understanding of the entire SPP market place.
  • Gain an understanding of the electricity commodity market. This includes gaining an understanding of risk management techniques that can be applied to manage our risk.
  • Develop and maintain sold working relationships with counterparties in the wholesale energy markets and at SPP. Focus will primarily be on power, but a little gas work could be required, depending on schedules.
  • As an associate, the main goal of this position will be to absorb as much information as possible. To learn information about how an integrated marketplace works, learn about Empire’s generation fleet, and learn the appropriate communication channels between the different groups. A heavy emphasis will be placed on learning. The right candidate will not be afraid to ask questions.

Bachelors Degree in Business or a technical field such as Engineering or adequate experience in wholesale energy marketing and procurement.

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